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  • CUTTING-EDGE CURRICULUM: Stay ahead with a curriculum that evolves in real-time, ensuring you gain the latest insights and skills in AI marketing

  • WEEKLY IN-DEPTH MODULES: Each week unveils a new aspect of AI in marketing, from strategy development to hands-on tool application, structured for gradual and comprehensive learning

  • PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENTS: Reinforce your knowledge through assignments that reflect real-world marketing challenges, allowing you to apply AI solutions in practical scenarios

  • ACCESS TO ADVANCED AI TOOLS: Gain first-hand experience with the latest AI technologies, enhancing your understanding and proficiency in contemporary AI applications

  • EXPERT-LED INSTRUCTION: Learn from Vincent Sider, an AI Marketing virtuoso, who brings a wealth of experience and actionable insights into the classroom

  • INNOVATIVE ONLINE PLATFORM: Leverage our state-of-the-art online platform designed for an intuitive learning experience, complete with all necessary resources and community engagement tools

Course Curriculum

    1. A message from Vincent Sider

    2. Before we begin...

    1. June 20 - Live & Online (4pm to 6pm): Enhancing Internal Processes & Client Services with AI

    2. June 25 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Mastering AI Prompt Engineering

    3. June 27 - It's time for your Applied AI Prompt Engineering Assignment

    4. Jul 2 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Utilizing AI for Data Analysis & Reporting

    1. Jul 4 - Live & Online (4pm to 6pm): The Landscape of AI in Visual Content Creation

    2. July 9 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Using Replicate for Consistent Imagery

    3. July 11 - It's time for your Visual Content Creation Assignment

    4. July 16 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Advanced Video Tools for Marketing

    1. September 04 - Live & Online (4pm to 6pm): Developing Basic AI Assistants

    2. September 11 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Enhancing AI Assistants with Advanced Tools

    3. September 18 - It's time for your AI Assistant Development Assignment

    4. September 25 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Deployment of AI Assistants

    1. October 02 - Live & Online (4pm to 6pm): Voiceflow Integration for Client Assistants (Part 1)

    2. October 09 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Voiceflow Integration for Client Assistants (Part 2)

    3. October 16 - It's time for your Voice Assistant Development Assignment

    4. October 23 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Exploring Microsoft Copilot Studio for Client Solutions

    1. October 30 - Live & Online (4pm to 6pm): Introduction to Autogen and Autogen Studio

    2. November 06 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Enhancing Autogen with Additional Tools

    3. November 13 - It's time for your Autogen Development Assignment

    4. November 20 - Live & Online (4pm to 5pm): Exploring CrewAI for Team Collaboration

About this course

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    Stay informed with the most current industry knowledge, ensuring you remain a key player in the rapidly evolving AI marketing landscape.

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    Join a community of global professionals, fostering connections that transcend borders, all while learning and collaborating on a flexible schedule.

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    Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate by Sherpa Society & BCA College to showcase your newly gained expertise and stand out as a professional.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals looking to master the art and science of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of Marketing.

  • Marketers interested in getting hands-on experience with the latest AI tools and technologies.

  • Business leaders and managers eager to sharpen their skills with regular assignments that reflect the current landscape of AI Marketing.

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